Who Are We?

Canadian Who's Who is the only authoritative reference for current biographies in Canada. The print edition has been published since 1910.

Canadian Who's Who is owned, operated and published by Grey House Publishing Canada, a publisher of long standing that also publishes the Canadian Almanac and Directory, in print since 1847. Canadian libraries, government offices and business have come to rely on Grey House for authoritative information through a number of its other valuable publications. Please see www.greyhouse.ca for more information.

Canadian Who's Who is available here and as one of the searchable databases at CharityCAN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we call you?

We may have called you with an offer to purchase the book, Canadian Who's Who 2014–2015.

Did we send a fax?

No. We do not send out invitations for inclusion by fax. We do not use faxes as a regular means of communication. If you have received a faxed invitation, it is not from Canadian Who’s Who.

Did you ask me for money to list my biography?

No. We never ask for money to list anyone's biography.

Then who did ask me?

The Who's Who name is old, and is sometimes used by other companies that may or may not be asking for money for fraudulent purposes.

Please check the name of the organization that has asked you for money. If it is not Canadian Who's Who or Grey House Publishing Canada, it is not us.

What do I do to report a fraud?

Please contact The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, 1-888-495-8501.

Can I have my biography in Canadian Who's Who?

Maybe. Biographees in Canadian Who's Who are chosen on merit. Often people come to our attention for inclusion when they have won major awards from their business or arts community, or hold a high position in government, charity, commerce or another area of endeavour. We also try to include all those who have been awarded the Order of Canada, a provincial order, or a major research designation, such as a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada.

If you should be included, or know someone who should be, we would be happy to hear from you. Please use the Nomination form available from the navigation bar above to send us the suggestion.

Does Canadian Who's Who ever ask for money?

We sell the print edition of Canadian Who's Who, and subscriptions to the searchable Canadian Who's Who Online. Individual biographies may be purchased for $14.99 by non-subscribers through People Search.

Canadian Who's Who listings are also searchable through CharityCAN, also sold by subscription.

Do you do telemarketing?

We do phone, e-mail and face-to-face sales of our products.

Who buys Canadian Who's Who?

Libraries, researchers, and interested Canadians buy Canadian Who's Who, both online and in print, as a source of information about prominent individuals. It is often consulted before public occasions, when accurate biographical information is being sought, for example, for creating a guest list or for the introduction of a speaker. Inclusion of Canadians from every field of endeavour makes it a useful tool.

The print edition is sold at a discounted rate to those whose biographies are included.

Why buy single biographies online?

Single records are available through People Search (found at the top of every page) at a cost of $14.99 each, once you have searched for an individual by name and created a single-purchase user account. This account enables you to re-enter the site and view the biographies you have purchased. You might want a biography for your family records, or to learn more about a notable Canadian.

If your biography is included in Canadian Who's Who, editors are happy to send you a copy of your biography at any time, at no charge. Please contact editor@canadianwhoswho.ca.

Why are there more biographies in the online version than the print edition?

There are approximately 11,400 more biographies in the online version because it includes biographies that were archived because the person is no longer active, or is deceased. The print edition only lists living prominent Canadians.

Where can I see the biographies in Canadian Who's Who for free?

You can read print copies of Canadian Who's Who in the reference section of many libraries. If your library subscribes to Canadian Who's Who Online, you will be able to access the database through your library membership.

Can I look up someone's biography online?

If you want to search for a specific person, use People Search at the top of the page. You may purchase individual biographies online for $14.99 each by creating a single purchase account.

If you have the book, find it in a library, or purchase our online subscription, you can look up as many biographies as you like.

I used People Search, and I couldn't find the person I was looking for. Why?

Either the person you are searching is not listed with Canadian Who's Who, or his or her biography was not current in 1999, the year in which the database was digitized. Biographies that pre-date the conversion to a digital format can only be accessed through the print copies of back editions, or online through desLibris.ca.

Why don't you have Hugh Garner's biography?

People keep asking. Back issues from 1964 to 1979 carry Hugh Garner's biography. Mr. Garner, an influential Canadian author, was born in 1913 and died in 1979. People are no longer listed in print once deceased, so his biography was removed from the print edition after 1979.

Biographies of those deceased since 1999 are now retained online as biographies of record (archived biographies). Mr. Garner died before 1999, so his biography was not part of the conversion.

The bilingual Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada (DCB/DBC), a major research and publishing project by the University of Toronto and the Université Laval, provides biographies of notable Canadians at no charge online, and undoubtedly will provide a biography of Hugh Garner someday. Biographies of individuals whose death occurred up to 1930 have been published by DCB/DBC, and research on those who died between 1931 and 1940 is underway. See utoronto.ca/dcb-dbc or biographi.ca.

Do you have my grandfather's biography? What about my grandmother?

Conscientious libraries have been purchasing Canadian Who's Who for years, and librarians should be able to show you the shelf where you can examine back editions.

If you prefer, you may access online PDF editions of Canadian Who's Who by subscription at desLibris. Your library may also provide access through the Canadian Electronic Library.