About Canadian Who's Who

Grey House Publishing Canada is proud to announce that it is now producing and distributing Canadian Who's Who. Customers will continue to have access to both the print and the online versions of this title and have exclusive access to the biographies of these notable Canadians, chosen for inclusion on merit alone.

"I'm pleased that our house has acquired this title; it's an honour to be handed the torch for the task of collecting the information and achievements of these Canadians who will be included in this publication, and to show the world what they are made of. I look forward to seeing it flourish with Grey House over the next hundred years or longer," says Bryon Moore, General Manager of Grey House Publishing Canada.

"We at Third Sector Publishing are proud to have continued the tradition and integrity of Canadian Who's Who, and to have done the work to bring the publication online and into this century. We are happy to see the title in the hands of a reputable Canadian publisher of long standing. The title can only improve with the expertise and experience of Grey House,"" says Anderson Charters, Publisher of Canadian Who's Who since 2011.

Foreword to Canadian Who's Who 2014–2015

Doug Gibson

Canadian Who's Who 2014–2015

Ever since 1910, Canadian Who's Who has been a magnificent attempt to list Canada's most important citizens. I say "attempt", because such a selection is always changing, as lives ebb and flow, and new men and women emerge to shape our country. And for over 100 years this publication has made an honest, imaginative effort to identify those people whose achievements have earned them their inclusion in this distinguished publication.

In my life as a publisher I, too, tried to identify our major citizens, either to encourage them to write books, or to create books about them and their worlds. It was always fascinating to realise that our country is so rich in extraordinary achievers that only a minority could be honoured in such a way, that my goal was worthy but impossible.

The wide range of people represented here shows the range of our society. In these listings you will find our leading artists, scientists, politicians, public servants, academics, and our most impressive figures in such worlds as business, the legal and medical professions, literature, sports, and the media. Philanthropy, of course, is another major area that deserves recognition, but that leads me to make a central point about one of the great merits of this publication. Nobody pays to be included in this publication. Everyone included here has earned his or her place.

A personal story. When I was first included, I sent a copy of Canadian Who's Who to my mother, without comment. Some weeks later I asked her how she liked the book. She said that it was very interesting. I pressed a little, finally asking if she liked the entry about me. "You?" she said, astonished. "You're in this Who's Who?" I wish everyone who has earned their inclusion better luck with their mother's reactions, and congratulate them and wish them well.

Douglas Gibson
January 2015

Letter from the former Governor General, 100th anniversary edition of Canadian Who's Who

Former Governor General, Michaëlle Jean

Photo credit Sgt. Eric Jolin (2006)
Canadian Who's Who 2010

Governor General Logo

As a celebrated reference for the past 100 years, the Canadian Who's Who has stood the test of time, with each successive edition portraying the people who have shaped Canada into the nation it is today.

Across its pages, a veritable parade of notable names marches through history. Names that echo throughout Canadian artistic, political, scientific and literary spheres. There is no doubt that these laudable individuals, through their accomplishments behind the scenes and in the limelight, have left an indelible mark on society.

I congratulate the University of Toronto Press on this milestone and I wish its staff continued success as they showcase exceptional Canadians.

Michaëlle Jean
February 2010

Publisher's Preface to Canadian Who's Who 2014–2015

Anderson Charters

Canadian Who's Who 2014–2015

Canadian Who's Who is a publication that has stood the test of time, supported and endorsed year after year by Canadians in all walks of life. Since 1910, its editors have worked at making a selection of the country's most notable citizens, gathering and publishing the details of their lives and careers.

In this volume, 105 years after the first edition was published, Third Sector Publishing continues to proudly present in print the biographies of 12,600 of our country's accomplished, gracious and inspiring people.

When Robert Fulford reviewed Canadian Who's Who for The Globe and Mail in 1998, he claimed that the 15,000 or so brief biographies in that edition had 15,000 authors, and that, "Eminent Canadians chosen for inclusion submit their own entries, at whatever length they choose." This is still essentially true. Editors do edit, but the biographies belong to the people listed, and reflect what they consider to be important and worthy in their own lives.

Based on invited submissions, the detailed entries can provide date and place of birth, family history, education, career information, career-related and volunteer affiliations, creative works, honours, memberships, languages, clubs and recreation, together with contact information.

For each edition, the publisher gives those already published an opportunity to update their biographies. As well, editors contact other prominent individuals, asking them to complete questionnaires from which new biographies are created. Further, Third Sector Publishing employs a number of researchers and editors to comb through reliable sources of information presented by government, business, universities, professional associations, charitable organizations and reputable media outlets, to update biographies or to create new ones.

This careful editing, completed for this edition at the end of December 2014, strives to ensure editorial accuracy and currency of the biographies published in Canadian Who's Who. It is inevitable that this story of Canadian life, however carefully compiled, will contain errors. In this spirit, the publisher welcomes comments from readers and biographees as to how Canadian Who's Who might be improved.

The publisher and the editor of Canadian Who's Who wish to thank those whose many hours of effort have brought forth once again this unique Canadian biographical reference book. Third Sector Publishing is also pleased to continue the long association that University of Toronto Press has had with the publication. University of Toronto Press remains the print distributor of Canadian Who's Who.

Much has changed since 1910, when print was the primary way to store and disseminate information across the country. For the 2014–2015 edition of Canadian Who's Who, more than half of the biographees contacted updated their records online. Third Sector Publishing has been working hard to support the traditional print publication with a searchable online database that now can be updated on a continual basis. We hope that this will enable the publication to thrive, and live out its next 100 years.

Whether you are a serious researcher, or a casual reader, we hope you will be somewhat awe-struck, as we are, by the achievements and good works of the Canadians featured in these pages. We may have a small part in making their accomplishments more widely known and understood, and recorded for future generations. For this, we are very grateful.

January 2015

Publication History of Canadian Who's Who

The Times Publishing Company of London, England first published Canadian Who's Who in 1910. After acquiring copyright from The Times in 1932, A. L. Tunnell published a second edition in 1936, which incorporated two editions of Canadian Men and Women of the Time, a parallel reference work. From the 1936 edition to the 1975 edition, A. L. Tunnell continued to publish Canadian Who's Who.

A.L. Tunnell usually issued Canadian Who's Who triennially, with the exception of the war years, although five supplementary booklets (the Who's Who Biographical Service) were published at intervals between editions of the main volume. After the University of Toronto Press acquired publication rights in 1978, it issued Canadian Who's Who annually. While Canadian Who's Who 1979 was cumulative for the years 1976–79, the 1980 edition was the first to cover a one-year period.

In 1985 University of Toronto Press published a companion work, Canadian Who's Who Index 1898–1984. This complete index, compiled by Evelyn McMann, of the entire backlist of Canadian Who's Who volumes, includes full name, year of birth, profession or occupation, and the volume or volumes in which each biography appears. Incorporated within this index are the 1898 and 1912 editions of Canadian Men and Women of the Time, edited by Henry J. Morgan.

In addition, University of Toronto Press published a microfiche set of backlist volumes under the title Canadian Who's Who in Microfiche 1898–1975, and Canadian Who's Who in Microfiche 1979–1988. It also published a CD-ROM version of Canadian Who's Who from 1997 to 2010.

Third Sector Publishing purchased Canadian Who's Who from University of Toronto Press in March 2011. It published the traditional red volume and the web-based Canadian Who's Who Online.

Grey House Publishing Canada purchased the title in 2016, and is proud to continue the tradition, begun in 1910, of producing a reputable biographical reference of the most impressive people in Canada from coast to coast over the last 106 years, who have been invited into the publication because of their merit and accomplishments, reminding us who makes up the tapestry of this great country.